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10 years, yes 10 years since Macadam bazar started roaming the alternative roads of musette rock and punk song...!
Hundreds of gigs throughout the hexagon : festivals, concert halls, but also jails, squats, high schools, events and militant actions of all kinds...
Those high school friends who have become entertainers of modern times are impressive because of their background and their unusual sound.
Macadam bazar is one of these bands that doesn't bother with etiquette and go where their liberterian spirit takes them.Music is in their own image:colored, even colourful, open to a bunch of different worlds.
Accordion singing rock n'roll, distorted guitars  
speaking about tenderness : it is to be danced all at once and sung loud!
Again this year, the band will go back on stage with a new show and a new record (Release in spring 2020).


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